Thesis & socially engaged                                         practice

 The basis of my research is to investigate industrial abandonment and urban decay alongside the processes of Bioremediation and Phytoremediation in regards to fungal repurposing.  Fungi provide the bridge between death (decay) and life (regrowth) by using their transformative abilities to absorb, coalesce, and reinterpret toxins and wastes within the environment.  The scientific method is the basis and structure for my research.  I juxtapose this with my sculptural skills within the visual arts in order to create and communicate conceptually to the viewer.

Fungi, Algae and Lichens are able to live in harsh and even casutic environments. They are capable of absorbing toxins and reinterpreting them back into energy.  Certain types are able to remove heavy metals and PCBs from the environment.

I am studying  these eukaryotic organisms that breakdown contaminants through my adventures in industrial abandonment and urban decay.  I use photography for documentation and then reinterpret them into sculptural forms.  

Bridging the gap between science and art to bring awareness to the ability of certain organisms to aid and guide us in the reclamation back to a clean and healthy planet.