Through the advancement of technologies and industries our civilization is no longer dependent upon the need to be adaptive to an environment.  This progression has led to the destruction, pollution and devastation of our natural atmospheres.  Continued production of toxins, wastes and contaminants through industrial abandonment and urban decay will lead to significant and increased biological decline and global deterioration.  Used as decomposers; lichens, fungi, algae, and molds are organisms that are the first responders in the natural healing process.  They are inherently critical to our success as they begin to break down toxins, absorb and transmute pollutants, and biodegrade contaminants.  Using these sustainable biome networks as the inspiration for building my sculptural forms and larger installation environments, I bring attention to the theories of Bioremediation and Mycoremediation.  The healing properties of these colonies can be used to clean up ecological devastation and abandoned industrial sites along with many pollutants and waste products.  These organisms are the evolutionary foundation, equilibrium, and guiding entities that will allow for the continued success of future global ecosystems.  Reinterpreting the data, I construct sculptural forms, installations and 3-Dimensional paintings that are representative of fungal growths and juxtapose them within the static and straight lines of found objects, created walls, and reclaimed windows.  I create visual compositions that suggest an ongoing conflict between the ecological system and our pervasive and noxious structures.  Using these sustainable organisms as the inspiration for my work, it is my hope to bring awareness to the practice of using their natural healing attributes to clean up urban decay, environmental devastation, and abandoned industrial sites.